Omid 16B Presents Arnas D – Reincarnations 001 Album Sampler

Omid 16B presents ARNAS D – Reincarnations #001 Sampler Reincarnation (noun) : ‘the rebirth of the soul in another body’ SexOnWax are pleased to introduce a new series of releases entitled “Reincarnations”, with this sampler providing a taster of what’s to come. Omid 16B selectively chooses producers & DJs to create an immersive juxtaposition of art, music and self-expression, establishing a naturally-balanced manifestation of harmonic transcendence…. said another way, only the best tracks mixed sublimely, both in pitch and time This series will not be your usual artist album or compilation where an ego is the focus, but a spontaneous venture setting a new standard to how two minds can become one… this sampler is the perfect introduction to this new format.