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Sexing it up since 2002, Sexonwax Recordings was born free in a basement, deep in London. A label of love that was conceived by DJ/producer maestros Omid16B and Desyn Masiello in order to share music that’s close to their hearts, Sexonwax naturally remains an underground entity to this day.

Over five years and more than 20 releases down the line, Sexonwax has aroused the hottest DJs and dancefloors around the world with its intense, multi-sensual sounds. Relentlessly innovative, the label has always nurtured rare and irresistible gems from a family of friends. And these have included Mr C & Tom Parris, Danny Howells, The Idiots, Solar Plexus, Sycophant Slags, and Mashtronic – not to mention Omid and his myriad monikers. Sexonwax: passion, expression + Zen-like precision!