Omid 16B – ‘Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye’ Part 2 Jan22


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Omid 16B – ‘Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye’ Part 2

Omid16B - Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye (Part 2)
SexOnWax is proud to announce the second part of the album “Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye”.The first part was made available as a covermount CD on the issue of last years DJ Mag, that came out on the 21st of November. Almost 10 years since Omid 16B’s enduring debut album “Sounds From Another Room”, and seven years since its successor “How to Live 100 Years”, an authentic five-year long journey is realized as Omid 16B prepares to present his third artist album – “Like 3 Ears And 1 Eye” – in two parts.

“I’m not just thinking about the club dancefloor, but also about the musical experience. I love music – how it can make our emotions flow; how it can change the way we think; the way we love; the way we express ourselves.” – Omid16B

Part 1 and Part 2 have been compiled into one continuous track for your listening pleasure. So stick them on and listen from start to finish, relax and (most importantly) give yourself the headspace to appreciate and enjoy the experience!!

“This isn’t just a load of tracks I’ve selected and put on a CD. These are tracks I’ve worked hard at making. I want to try and have a set of tracks that you can live with and not get bored of.” – Omid 16B

1. ArpyLor_d – 0.00
2. In MeMory of The Re_Union – 7.20
3. Full of E__mty – 13.51
4. This iS How iTs GonnA FeeL – 19.31
5. InDAprOcEss – 27.11
6. Fila_Monica – 34.45
7. In for mayHem – 36.34
8. 1 Eye Jack – 38.47
9. PsCo – 42.42