Omid16B – ‘Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye’ Part One Nov20


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Omid16B – ‘Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye’ Part One

Omid16B - Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye (Part 1)
A time for musical renewal, rebirth and reinvention, a time for new timeless sounds to abound. Almost 10 years since Omid 16B’s enduring debut album, “Sounds From Another Room”, and seven years since its successor, “How to Live 100 Years”, an authentic five-year long journey is realized as Omid 16B prepares to present his third artist album – “Like 3 Ears And 1 Eye”. For Omid this latest incarnation embodies a new level of purity of expression, emotion and understanding, as indicated by the album’s second single, “Changing Change”, a 4 track EP released in February 2007. The first single, “PSCO/ You Are Me” came out in September 2006, both on SexOnWax Recordings and exclusively on

Omid 16B lives for music. Cutting edge dance music is like oxygen for Omid Nourizadeh. A DJ, producer and label owner of Alola, Disclosure and SexOnwax Recordings, he’s spreading his passion worldwide.

Fans range from Sasha to Tenaglia, François K to Morales and from Digweed to Danny Howells. Equally important to Omid are his fans on the dance floor. And he turns them on with superb sets that twist and turn from sexy tribal house through to dark, emotive techno – each set morphing to bring out the best in the crowd.

Of Persian roots, Omid’s family emigrated to London when he was just one-year-old. His artistic flair and musical ear developed at an early age – as did his ambition. Influenced by Hendrix, The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Mission, he started playing the guitar at 14, learned how to play drums and bass guitar at 15 and formed his own band when he was 17. Already Omid’s tastes were becoming “more dance than rock, more loops than words, less songs more toons”.

Omid laid the foundations for his own career path and set up Alola Records in 1994. Under his “ORN” moniker, his stunning “Snow” track was picked up by BMG Deconstruction and Omid’s production talents were snapped up by Eye Q, signing his debut album “Sounds From Another Room” (1998). This album was met with critical acclaim and spawned the hit single “Water Ride”. Another album followed as ” Million Dollar Man” on Under The Counter before “How To Live 100 Years” in 2002 on the respected Hooj Choons label and not to forget a mix compilation for his own label Alola “Everything all of them every year” (2002).

The singles came thick and fast- but quality has always been the name of the game. To date, Omid has remixed great artists from The Cure, Gus Gus, Danny Howells and Halo Varga, Morel, François K. and Pete Moss. But once again it’s Omid’s skills that come to the fore.

“Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye” will be released on November the 21st.


Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye1. Eyes In Disguise – 00.00
2. MK 8 – 10.33
3. cHanging change – 17.47
4. Har_Monique – 25.06
5. Listen To Your Heart? – 37.41
6. D_ark Angel – 46.55
7. Dreamelocity – 54.34 to 1.07.36
8. In Too Deep – 55.06 to 1.07.36