RoWmiD – Teardrops / The Rave Sep25


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RoWmiD – Teardrops / The Rave

Rowmid: a name shrouded in ancient mystery, or a youthful fountain of fun? Ha! Well, it’s kinda both… because here we’re saluting the triumphant return of Rowan Blades to the label. Rowan last got his freak on with Sexonwax in 2003, when he remixed the immortal Solar Plexus alongside Desyn Masiello and Andy Page. But now he’s bringing melody back in the name of Romid, together with Sexonwax chief Omid!

First up and way out beyond ‘space disco’, we like to think that Teardrops is more akin to ‘sci-fi calypso’. So enjoy the emotional progression as this exotic, ethereal cry from the heart to clubbers worldwide starts to sing. From atmospheric intro through to pounding conclusion, it’s a rollicking summer groove that delivers outrageous bass, slick rhythms and sun-kissed percussion – not forgetting the addictive, mad ass funk.

Next comes The Rave. Reliably driven by acid and relentlessly enchanting, The Rave keeps on rumbling on, just the way we like it. It also shares echoes of the aforementioned ‘sci-fi calypso’ (definitely a summer sound), but it is naturally an altogether darker, edgier and more savage dancefloor beast.

Tried, tested and trusted the world over for deep, future-proof house fulfilment, Teardrops and The Rave are fresh, sizzlin’ hot Sexonwax summer classics!

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