Omid16B – Changing Change EP

Yes, Omid 16B weaves his alluring production magic through an entire EP of engaging dancefloor trips… Changing Change is numero uno. And – Boom! – it immediately feels like you’re about to embark on a blissful, ever-building, mind-blowing 16B journey. Ultra-emotional minor keys set the scene, leading you into an explosive arrangement where classic production values meet innovative dancefloor dynamics. The tight drum and percussion patterns lock the flow, while volcanic builds and breakdowns make for a heady, heartfelt mixdown. Changing Change is definitely a great way to start 2007!sex021

In da Process follows with a slick, badass bassline, a hypnotic groove and some loose, hip-shaking, bit-crushing melodic madness. Jam-packed with spaced-out disco-funk, it boasts more than enough twists ‘n’ turns to bring listeners to the boil. Indeed, the heavyweight build quality of this track is sure to break dancefloors the world over.

A New Way is an enigma, a wildly undulating workout that explicitly expresses the quirky depths of Omid’s musical mind. Within this extravagant leftfield arrangement, there are many addictive elements. You may hear something like the hiss of a smoke machine or the va-va-voom of a Ferrari, while orchestral manoeuvres and moody drones also accompany this beautifully strange 16B experience.

Pitch is partly twisted inside out by rude, acidic incidentals and partly a big, bouncing bundle of filtered, funky fun. A raw, relentless escapade into the extreme phatness of analogue-esque soundscapes, with layer upon layer of gritty, lo-res samples and an intensely playful bassline, Pitch completes this EP perfectly!

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