Sychophant Slags – Digital Love

A: Digital Love
B: Straight Answer

Sycophant SlagsThe Slags are back with some deeply twisted and filthy House music. We wouldn’t expect anything less from this pair really! we don’t need to tell you about MR C’s influence on House Music and the club scene over the years, his exploits have been well documented! whilst Francis Harris’s impact in New York has also been indelible. It’s no surprise then that when these two get together in the studio, their tracks come out sounding like some of the freshest and dirtiest shit around!

‘Digital Love’ is a standout track, watch them freak out to this on the dancefloor, it’s got everything you’d want from a club track plus a kind sprinkle of filthy vocal humour added for good measure. The lyrics here are on the Parental Advisory side, if you need a clean version for your radio shows, pls just let us know! On the flip ‘Straight Answer’ twists and turns it’s way through Acid House sensibilities, this will come in very hand for those late night sessions! However, it’s ‘Digital Love’ that is really getting our analogue affections here! Pure Sex On Wax!

MTV shows the animated video clip made to support the single of the Slags up to 25 x a week! So, tune in to MTV Dance and keep it locked!!!