Acim – Waiting

New to Omid 16B’s Sexonwax imprint, Acim’s ‘Waiting’ packs a powerful summer punch. First up, the Dub Mix allows the crafted synth tones to breathe and resonate superbly; broad melodic expanses combine skilfully with ringing higher frequencies atop a solid bass groove. The Vox Mix adds an edited, chopped vocal phrase that compliments but doesn’t dominate, broadening the appeal of the track for personal and club listening. Buy:

Dale Middleton – Copper Top (inc Derek Howell remix)...

Dale Middleton’s ‘Copper Top’ receives the remix treatment from Derek Howell, working in synths chords and reverberant sax to lift the track for a dreamlike feel, while Middleton’s original utilises FM tones to great epic effect. Buy:

Ri Za – Going Mad

A warm welcome to Ri Za on Omid 16B’s SexOnWax imprint, and what a debut performance. The result, ‘Going Mad’, is a track infused with summer and fit for the beach, brewed with a distinguished female vocal and addictive melody. A synth heavy mix by Dark Soul Project is more apt for the dancefloor and concludes this dynamic two-track EP. Buy:

Midge – As One (inc Alex George & Roy McLaren remixes) Apr06

Midge – As One (inc Alex George & Roy McLaren remixes)...

Tom Midgley makes his debut on SexOnWax with a synthetic blend of majors and minors fused with haunting high synths easing us nicely in to this latest release from SOW. Future hero of all genres Mr Alex George adds a groove that will shake any dance floor with ease, while Midge’s ‘As One’ fortuitously teams a dramatic drop with a memorable baseline and the result is incomparably fruitful. A fantastic rework by Roy Mclaren, who recently released on SOW with an epic and sturdy EP, closes the package nicely. Buy:

Ignas Klej – Spectrum

Hailing from Lithuania, Ignas Klej’s sound fits harmoniously with Sexonwax Recordings, and this release sees Re Dupre deliver a cinematic deep and evolving remix of title track ‘Spectrum’, dedicating a synth chord sequence to centre-stage. Second up, Klej’s original mix is equally as strong, hewn in more light-hearted tones with dancefloor sensibilities still intact. Buy:

Dale Middleton – Eggos

Utilising the art of pastiche, Dale Middleton sets 90s main-room elements against an on-point rhythmic foundation in ‘Eggos’ and continues these themes with ‘Engage’, a slice of chill, perfect as a set-closer. SexOnWax delivers yet another superb release with this 2-tracker. Buy:...